(Para leer el post del pino navideño has click aquí) The Christmas tree wasn’t a big deal for me back in Monterrey because I wasn’t home most of the time and a few holiday pieces were enough to decorate the little condo, but things have changed and I feel that the kids really enjoy looking at the ornaments, lights, the smell of the natural tree, so since last year I have a Christmas tree project, that creates family memories long term.

Maybe it’s not perfect, but I have worked on it with help of mom, hubby and the kids. Most of the work was done last year, when I decided to recycle the old blue ornaments (pro-recycling here) and this 2017 just added some extras to the big tree. And although last year I wrote a post about the process  in Spanish, this time I’m just updating the post with a few extra details, in case you want to do it at home.

-First things first: we picked basic colors to decorate, which are white, silver and gold.

-Based on the colors, mom and I covered the small blue ornaments with a material that looks like snow, and it’s sold everywhere (we got it at Jo-Ann, but then we got more at Michaels). The bright side, besides recycling, is that the ornaments look bigger and go better with the size of the tree.

-To make it look fuller, we got some old branches from Brackenridge Park, painted them white and covered them with white glitter and artificial snow flakes (glued with white Elmers).

-The beautiful silver and gold deers and the alphabet punch board are from Michael’s. That’s how we created the Merry Christmas banner, decorated with glitter and artificial snow flakes.

-The big ornaments white, gold and silver, the LED lights and the poodle are from Walmart. We have a poodle named Nacho 😊

-This year was super easy because we just added a couple of big ornaments, more snow and big gifts wrapped with our favorite colors.

What can I say! I love the kids faces when they admire the result. Do you have a Christmas tree project? Share your pictures here!