5th of 365

I had to search cases for my new iPhone X and after a few days searching in San Antonio’s stores, I went online and found so many options that became hard to decide for just one. So here is a short list of cute cases for iPhone or the mobile you have now.

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1.Mirror and fur ball iPhone X case

This is the one I purchased and it’s so cute everybody asks me where I got it… here is my secret.

2.Rabbit toy fur case

This was my second favorite, maybe I’ll get this one later.

3.Big eyes case with crossbody chain

Seriously, I need this too! You can wear it as crossbody bag.

4.Sparkly case with hand chain

Do you like bling bling? This is for you!

5.LuMee case with LED light

Sometimes you need more light and this takes awesome selfies!


Of course there are more… but this is my selection. Hope you like it!