valentines gift ideas

39th of 365. Valentine’s Day is almost coming and let’s not forget that this day is about celebrating love. And a way to celebrate it is giving to that special someone a little or big surprise (it’s up to you), so in case you don’t have a lot of time to go around town, here is a list of 10 Valentine’s gift ideas for all budgets.

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1.A weekend getaway to your favorite beach is just a fabulous idea. Find destinations on Trip Advisor.

2.Either if you want to give him a massage with candle oil or relax in the bathtub, check all the gifts you can find to surprise him at Spencers.
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3.Would you like to have a romantic dinner, but the budget is kind of short? Don’t forget that Groupon includes always a big selection of restaurants with special offers.

4.A personalized desktop organizer with your favorite picture or a calendar or a photo book… There are many options. For this, I go to Walgreens all the time.

5.Agent Provocateur has beautiful lingerie for Valentine’s night. Hard to pick one piece!

6.The Italian brand La Perla started designing lingerie, but now they also have elegant and sexy pieces ready to wear for a special night out.

7.My husband loves the products from Kiehl’s, so anything from this brand is a great gift. What about your man?

8.Very proud to say that after I took Eduardo to Uniqlo and showed him the clothes, he became a big fan of this brand, specially the pants.

9.If your guy practices a sport like golf, he will love a new pair of shoes or sportswear from Under Armour.

10.If you are having a hard time picking a gift, go to Touch of Modern. Seriously, this store has the coolest gifts for him, like this type writer inspired keyboard.