41st of 365. Near the East side of downtown, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo season is in full swing and I was there last night. The AT&T Center didn’t look the same as other times that I have visited. The usual parking lot became a carnival boardwalk, with rides and games that challenge odds.

Brett Eldredge is playing for the people are wearing cowboy hats with big belt buckles and boots. I see ladies carrying Louis Vuitton bags and wearing pink embroidered shiny cowboy boots. The rodeo is as much fun as it is an athletic event, with its own smell… There was a particular scent that reminds me of wild life en la frontera.
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I felt like we were part of a movie, where we could witness guys riding wild horses and bulls and little kids riding sheeps. There was an amazing charro mexicano doing his thing with the rope.

Later we walked outside the AT&T center and into the livestock exposition center. There we saw the champion cows and Oh, my god!,they were beautiful! The long horns of the animals looked unreal. Their size were larger that I imagined. I saw a cow trying to protect her baby with the huge horns, keeping us away; or at least that’s what I imagined.

If you are visiting San Antonio, this is a true experience – a chance to see the American traditions of rodeo.

Ahead are some images from the event:

San Antonio rodeo

We were very close of the contestants.

San Antonio rodeo

The audience dressed according to the occasion.

Brett Eldredge

Huge corns!