galentines party

44th of 365. Celebrating romantic love is one thing, but when is about celebrating female friendship the date is marked on February 13th. Actually this day has become so important that now you can find cards and other things for you to throw a theme party. Are you ready to celebrate Galentine’s day?

We have to thank to the comedian Leslie Knope, who coined this term back in 2010 as part of the show “Parks and Recreation” and the idea sounded so good that quickly became part of the American culture. Because no matter if you are single or not, you still have your besties to share the goods and not so good things in life.

Now there are many “Galentine’s” theme party ideas, in case you want to organize one and invite your mom and your sister (because they are there for you all the time), or friends from work or high school… Do I need to say more?

Photo props in case you can to take selfies!

What about some personalized wine?

Marshmallow French fries

To decorate the walls

A sticker

Special ice cream bowl!

Totes for your friends!

This bracelet is just the perfect memory of the occasion!

Or just a card, aww!
It’s not too late and of course it doesn’t have to be today. Send a group message, organize a last minute dinner, play some games, make some buzzy drinks and have fun!