61st of 365. It was a lovely night with San Antonio Symphony playing the music of the movie La La Land, at the Majestic Theater that was almost full with fans of the musical and also of the Symphony.

Exactly a year ago, the film that had 14 nominations to the Academy Awards and lost Best Movie (the winner was Moonlight) was our soundtrack and we were playing it in the car, while showering or even at karaoke bars, so this time we could enjoy a new version with live music that elevated the experience to a higher level.

At the very beginning, the conductor Erik Ochsner invited the audience to laugh, watch, clap or even cry while during the show because it was a different experience: the movie was on a big screen while the Symphony played on stage.

With some creative liberties that enriched the overall performance, the musicians played with the help of jazz band and all together or separately could transmit the emotions to the audience, eager to celebrate and clap at the end of every song.

Our kids were all the time excited and Eduardo and I had a great time listening to the experienced musicians. We left the theater whistling “City of Stars” and thinking about jazz.

We highly recommend it, but hurry because the last show is today, Saturday. Let me know if you enjoyed it!