Elton John, Harry Styles

69th of 365. Let’s think about it just a little bit and then we realize that Elton John and Harry Styles have a lot in common: they are both from United Kingdom, they are both males, they are also both singers, they have a unique style when they have public appearances and… they have a really good thing in common, because they are working with Gucci!

The Gucci-Elton John capsule collection includes designes inspired by famous pieces worn by the musician, like an outfit by Bob Mackie that Sir Elton wore on stage in 1975. Alessandro Michele reinterpreted this in a checkered sequin jacket. There is also a jacket and pants with music notes by Annie Reavey worn in 1972 that have a similar version and is part of the Spring Summer collection and you can pre order now here.

“It wasn’t a literal re-tread of my past, but a cleverly refashioned and reimagined vision that fit so well in the Gucci world of today”, told Elton in the interview to Gucci.

Gucci's Elton John Collection

Gucci’s Elton John Collection got inspiration from this Bob Mackie design worn by Elton back in the 70s

Gucci's Elton John Collection

Michelle Alessandro got inspiration from the musician old looks.

Gucci's Elton John collection

The illustration by Ignasi Montreal includes the bag inspired by his album “Levon”

Gucci's Elton John collection

This pieces are on pre sale.

Meanwhile these creations are already out there, Harry Styles was shooting the images for the tailoring campaign last week and is looking dapper. As a matter of fact, Gucci posted some pictures in Instagram to show us a little bit of the process. And, as some tabloids published, the team was in St Albans, where they paid the owners of the fish and chips around 20,000 pounds a day for using the place.

In the images, the 24 years old singer is wearing a tailored stripes suit with a robe, pink socks, and light color loafers. Can’t wait to see this campaign. At least now we know a little bit about the shooting because Gucci posted pictures related to the campaign.

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