Floral top soselfie

72nd. It’s springbreak, the weather is just getting better and this means that we can start leaving behind the sweaters, heavy coats and instead we can get out wearing lighter clothes. And as part of the season, the flower power 2018 is blooming not only in trees and nature… also in blouses.

Let me tell you that I don’t wear a lot of prints (usually I’m inclined to solid colors), but I tried to get out of my comfort zone and a couple of weeks ago I got a pink floral blouse at Topshop in Houston and I love it! The best part is that I mixed it with an old pencil skirt from Zara and it looks like I’m slimmer because it looks kinda loose. Isn’t it exciting?

Ok, so my shirt is versatile. It goes with jeans, with many kinds of skirts and pants, so it’s perfect for a brunch or a date night, depending of the accessories and the styling. Do you like floral prints? How do you style them?

In case you are crazy about flowers, here are some options:

Floral chiffon button-down, Anthropologie, $248

With flounces $14.99 at H&M

Zara floral blouse with elastic and ruffles $49.90

Floral top soselfie

Embroidered floral top from Topshop. $68

Floral from Topshop


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