Fiesta San Antonio

Para español, dale click en este link. This 2018, from April 19th to sunday April 29th, it’s time to party with Fiesta (yes, in spanish!) But what is Fiesta? Well, if you are new in this town or for some reason you are not familiar with this celebration, let me tell you that there are a lot of events throughout San Antonio to celebrate the culture of this town, either with parades, exhibitions, fairs, music, food and drinks.

In fact, the official kick off was on thursday. Then, on saturday is the Parade of the Battle of the Flowers, which is the second largest in the United States (already in the 127th edition), and it was so successful when it was made by first time, that immediately people began to organize events around the date. In fact, there are so many celebrations during Fiesta that it is impossible to be in all of them, that’s why I want to talk to you about those I attended with Eduardo last year.

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San Antonio “royalty”

A long time ago, the Texas Cavaliers organization decided to chose a King, Antonio, who during the year of his reign, was responsible for raising funds to benefit different causes and could have parade in the Riverwalk … It was so successful that some residents set up another event and also chose their own monarch, who they called Rey Feo (yes, in Spanish), and also raises funds to give scholarships to students. I know there are more kings and queens in these festivities, but the most fun I’ve had is the King of Cornyation, a satire that is presented during the holidays; they raise money for AIDS prevention .

With so many kings, it was just natural to create medals and show them to the world. There is a big uproar with the medals (you can buy them or get them as a gift), they are small or large, and people actually put them on and walk around Fiesta event with them.

Noise (Night in Old San Antonio) is another very popular celebration during this week that takes place in La Villita and is divided into zones, which covers the different immigrant cultures that are part of the city, so in the German part there are music, food and drink typical of this country. In the French you find champagne and escargots; Obvious, the Mexican can not miss and has tacos, tamales, churros, quesadillas . Get ready for la Fiesta!

Have you attended any of these events? Which one is or are your favorites?

If you wanna check the whole official Fiesta Event Calendar, click here.