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At the end of last year, Bianca got home with a  new music obsession: BTS music; but this wasn’t breaking news for us because she has been interested in oriental culture for a while, but suddenly her interests extended from japanese and chinese to south korean pop culture, and now that she has more free time, I asked her to write 13 reasons why BTS is the best band for teens.

And guess what… she got super excited and spend several hours trying to make a short list. Honestly, even though the initial list was 10, Bianca said it was impossible to leave it at that. With this in mind, now you will read this text completely written by my 13 year old girl and I’m pretty sure that many teens will agree.

  1. Their music. BTS don’t focus only only one topic: love, like many other young artists. They taught through their music the importance of youth, friendship, hopes and dreams. They encourage us to be true to ourselves, to not give up and to work harder for our goals.
  2. You can really see their hard work through each of their performances.
  3. They are true to themselves. Even though they diss each other, they do love each other the way they are. They are more than family. I can really feel the genuine bond between them. Their teamwork is really strong, that’s why they have gotten so far.
  4. Their personality. They always do some small series for the fans and they get to show us their true selves and not just the people you see on TV. Like, honestly, they are so funny. Every time is see Run!BTS, (which is a small series for their fans -better known as ARMY) my day gets better.
  5. They write and produce their own music. Nothing is handed to them.
  6. Their choreographies. They make me want to learn them all! And as a dancer, learning them is a real challenge.
  7. Their songs are relatable and amazing. They write lyrics about various topics like fear, love, mental illness, female empowerment, protest against various things.
  8. They act wisely. They know how to take control of situations. They might be goofy and really funny, but immediately know when to switch to a serious face.
  9. Their lyrics are very comforting. As someone who is still in school, I get stressed a lot of times and their songs really comfort me and reassure me that everything is going to be okay. One of my favorites songs to listen to is ‘Magic Shop’ from their most recent album Love yourself ‘Tear’. The song was made for the fanbase, ARMY. It was written and produced by the youngest member, Jeon Jungkook. The lyrics tell ARMY’S to just calm down and just listen to them singing. It’s all going to be okay. “I want to take your sadness and pain” and that really means a lot to me.
  10. The korean guys remind us that we should love ourselves. Two full albums about loving yourself… If that doesn’t convince you y’all guys can leave.
  11. We are a big fans of BTS (and by we I mean teens, adults, boys and girls and everyone in between) but at the same time the k-pop band are big fans of us. They support us just like we support them.
  12. They are really talented.
  13. When BTS hear about a hater, they come up out of nowhere with a diss rap with all the rappers talking about it. Their most recent on from the BTS 2018 FESTA was DDaeng. It says that after they became so popular in the US and even more popular in South Korea, their haters were stuttering for an apology. Which the leader, Kim Namjoon raps about in one of his verses. (DDEANG)

So in case you are becoming an Army or Army mom… you can find a thousands of information about BTS, AKA Bangtan Boys, if you go to YouTube, Twitter or any other social media.

Bianca loves dancing like her favorite band