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Many, many years ago I attended a yoga class for the first time just because it was about to start and curiosity got me. Honestly, before that day, this practice original from India was personally something slow and boring, only important for someone who wasn’t into fitness… but time proved me wrong and today I’ll share with you 10 reasons to do yoga and why should be part of your life A.S.A.P.

Let me tell you that now I’m convinced that we all should practice this discipline and that’s why I started a training to become a yoga instructor, so that way I can share with family and friends some theory and practice to take care of body, mind and spirit.

The reasons

yoga soselfie

There are many types of yoga. You’ll find one that works for you.

  1. Get rid of stress. One of the things that this philosophy shows is the art of being present, so no matter how bad your day started or how big are your problems, when you are into this series of postures you will learn tools that help to put aside the rest of your life and enjoy the moment.
  2. Tailored to your needs. Even if you are zero flexible or you love lifting weight or run marathons, even if you are 10 or 100 years old, the practice can be  adjusted to specific needs or even physical problems thats’s why there is something called therapeutic yoga.
  3. More than a workout. Yes, when I was a beginner I wanted only the workout and didn’t want to hear the “Oms” or chantings, but eventually a switch went on and one part of me started enjoying that kind of sounds. Believe me, there is a reason for them.
  4. It’s personal. Sometimes we are thinking about the “what if screw it up” or “maybe I look ridiculous” compared to others that are advanced yogis practicing the most complicated poses… Guess what? this is about you, and if the first day you bend forward and it’s impossible to reach below the knees, just remember that this is just the beginning and one day, without thinking you’ll be not only touching the ground with your fingers, but also doing what you thought never could be possible.
  5. You don’t have to buy expensive gear or accessories. You don’t need expensive sneakers (actually, you don’t need shoes at all!), or fancy clothes or accessories. Comfortable pieces, and even a cheap mat are enough.
  6. Helps to control anxiety, stress and other problems. I’ve been through anxious moments or sleepless nights and when this happens, I try to remember some of the things learned in the yoga room and apply them to this horrible times. The breathing exercises help even for other more intense workouts.
  7. No need to pay extra. There are many yogis posting online videos with good rhythm and for all levels, but if you refuse to learn online, there are free clases all the time in public spaces, which sounds great because that is a good way to meet more people.
  8. There are many styles. Do you know that there are some yoga practices more slow and others more fluid, some of them will make you sweat big time and this is literal! Hot yoga or bikram are practiced in very hot rooms (what a great way to get rid of toxins and detoxify without the horrible tasting juices).
  9. Helps you to stay fit. Sometimes we don’t want to be jumping because of a bad knee or a back problem or because we don’t like it, but this practice can be relaxing and at the same time helps to get a toned body (I love my toned shoulders and arms).
  10. You can invite your significant other. Couples that do yoga together stay together! Instead of going solo, convince your sweetie because this is a great way to get out of the routine and invites to connect in a deep level.

Some of the books and material that I’m reading to become certified yoga instructor.

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