One of the looks included colorful accessories, a hot trend.

You probably know that I worked for one of the largest editorial groups in Mexico for 23 years and many of them as fashion reporter and, later, editor, which means I covered a lot of runways around the world. Then, last night I had the chance to experience the other side of this experience and I’m gonna share with you what happened backstage at Neiman Marcus SS2019 fashion show, but this time as part of the San Antonio team.

Aren’t you crazy about these Gucci sunglasses?

2 PM.

I get there and all the styling is basically done and ready. There are different trends that will be presented, from athleisure to night gowns, but every look is absolutely glamourus.

Sophia Webster butterfly heels, wow!

3 PM.

The models arrive and they start trying every outfit, including accessories, all is supervised and approved by Xitlatl Herrera-Salazar, PR manager at Neiman Marcus and the master mind behind every fashion runway organized by this luxury department store.

Katie was the first model to arrive.

Once the model’s look is approved, another member of the team takes her a picture, which is posted on a big white board. By the way, this board has every outfit that will be showed and this way everybody involved can see the final looks and their specific number.

Stella McCartney jumpsuit, Dior visor.

Each model has been assigned a dresser and a rack perfectly organized with every look for the show (all of them are numbered). I had the chance to help Katie, who actually mentioned that she has done a several shows for this store. With her experience, it’s easy to move from one look to another, but sometimes getting ready takes longer time than expected and at this point other team members are ready to help.

During the process, the models go and get hair and make up done, while the dressers are taping shoes, removing visible tags, leaving everything ready for the big moment.

I caught Xitlatl studying her lines before the show.


Some of us have a small break to eat a salad and then we had a chance to talk a little bit about everything, but keeping an eye on the watch because models had to get ready, almost 30 minutes before showtime. Outside, VIP guests start to grab a seat.

Minutes before the show, all the models are ready.


Showtime! From my corner of the backstage, I spot someone in charge of the visual part, someone else cueing the models the time to walk out, 2 or 3 more are helping with last second fix ups, dressers run back and forth. Teamwork. It’s a beautiful chaos.

I loved a Stella McCartney jumpsuit that matches with a blue Dior visor; all the Gucci sunglasses, exquisite furs, Loboutins, Manolos, colorful jumpsuits, night gowns… Magic happens in a blink of an eye. Then the show is over and it’s time to put shoes back into the boxes, accessories with their respective tags in plastic bags. Outside, everybody is sipping champagne, shopping and socializing, while backstage we are trying to leave the place like nothing happened.

Exhausting but fun.

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