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Texas is a huge state and maybe this is a reason why the airplane is our first choice when we need to get from one city to another in a few minutes, but what if you are not in a rush or decide to travel last minute? The train is a nice, relaxing option, where you can sit, extend your legs or even have your own bed (for very long distances, of course).

A few weeks ago, Eduardo, my husband, and I had to go from San Antonio to Dallas and we decided to buy Amtrak train tickets for 36 dollars each to do our first journey by train, and I’ll happily describe it to you, guys. Compared to the 5 hour trip by car, this was closer to 8 – 8:30 hours because the train stops in small, medium towns and cities like Austin, before actually getting to our final destination.

Compared to big train stations in other American cities like New York, Boston or Chicago, the Texas stations are small and many preserve old train cars as memories from glorious days when the train was a major form of transportation. During the 8 hours there were no naps, because were walking to other cars and we discovered one where the roof is mostly glass, which allows the passengers to enjoy the landscape.

For lunch, we decided to go to the dining area, and the surprise is that the menu has been designed by famous American chefs, so you will find interesting options (they change during the day, depending if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time), including regular food for kids, like hotdogs. We also went to the snack area, to get coffee.

Finally, we arrived to Dallas, and we plan to do this trip again, but with the kids and mother in law, to have a different kind of adventure.

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