42nd of 365. I made a list of romantic films that you can binge watch on Netflix, but honestly on today’s post I prefer to share with you some details about the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 89th gala, a night to remember.

In one of the big rooms from the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, Saturday night we had a chance to say “hi” to many amazing people, powerful latinos and latinas who make business in Texas and help society in so many ways. Actually during the evening more than 50,000 dollars were raised in a short period of time to help with the education of young people.

With Erika Prosper Nirenberg

With Erika Prosper Nirenberg, chairwoman of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Erika Prosper Nirenberg, chairwoman of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, gave a great speech to more than 1700 guests about how the chamber is helping with the education of children but also made me almost cry when she sang a cappella to her husband (Mayor Ron Nirenberg) part of the song “Tightrope” (from the musical movie The Greatest Showman). Many people from the audience felt the love being expressed in a beautiful way.

Then she gave the Empresario for Equity award (designed by Garcia Art Glass) to Germaine Franco, latina film composer and writer who by the way worked in the Oscar nominated film Coco (take a look to her impressive resume here) and is the only latina composer that has become member of the Academy of Arts and Science.

Germaine Franco

Germaine Franco at the gala.

SAHCC 89th gala

The Hispanic chamber helps to improve relationships between entrepreneurs from Mexico and other Latinamerican countries and United States and also raises money for scholarships for latin students.

Ron Nirenberg

Selfie with the Mayor, Ron Niremberg

Picture time