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Fun, colorful, totally pop, Mickey Mouse, Barbie and french fries… yeah, we need to be ready because on november 8 Moschino for H&M is gonna be a huge success considering all the magic that the designer Jeremy Scott can work into the brand.

The creative director who has been part of this italian brand since 2013 delivers every time aesthetically pleasing collections that are also fun and kitsch and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and Miley Cyrus love to show up wearing his unique designs.

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This design will be part of the Moschino’s collection for H&M.

You are the creative director at this beloved luxury brand, but you’re also a man of the people, someone who’s talked a lot about how important it is that fashion should be accesible. Why did you want Moschino to take this kind of collaboration?
“The idea came to me in an email. Someone who works with me, but who is also a close friend, gave H&M my email, and I received this note that just said, ‘Are you interested in doing one of our designer collaborations? If so, we’d love to discuss it with you’. I was immediately like, “Yes, let’s talk about it.’ It’s a very prestigious honor, really a huge deal, so I was very flattered and excited”, mentioned Jeremy Scott in a press release from H&M.

“Everything H&M does, it just aligns with me. I am ‘the people’s designer’, after all. That’s a title that’s been bestowed on me; I think because I believe in the democratization of fashion, and I’ve found many different ways to reach people”.
It should feel a little like a greatest hits collection, but I promise it will still be new, still feel fresh”.

His opinions:

About the iconic cultural references that are part of the collections and look fresh:

“I think there’s a lot of beauty in the past, and there’s something very romantic about it. I love to use that in the clothes. It’s not just about trends or a particular decade. It’s about memories. How did I feel when I got dressed up? What music did we have on? What does it feel like to put on these fabulous clothes and go out and be so fierce and bold? How people feel, the emotions behind clothes are important. That’s what I try to convey in my shows and in my work.”

About his colorful and fun collections in a dark world

“In this era, there’s so much that is very serious and sad and painful. We have to deal with all that, and that’s important. But I really want fashion to be a reprieve from that. I want to be a bright light in the midst of so much darkness; people need a moment, a break from it. If I can give people a little escape with fashion, even if it’s for a minute when someone scrolls through Instagram, I’ll take it. That’s what I want to give.”

Love or hate social media?
“For me, fashion is about communication. It’s how I communicate with the world and share what’s on my mind, so social media makes a lot of sense. And I think fans connect with it, because it’s genuine. What inspires me, what puts a smile on my face — I share that stuff because it’s real.”

“I think Instagram was made for fashion, because it’s so much about individualism and colour and shape. It’s a really creative medium. It’s a tool of communication and aspiration, and so I try to use it to share a little bit of my work and a little bit of my world, but not too much. It’s a give and take”.

You’ve dressed Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Do women who love your clothes have something in common?
“Inspiration, that’s what attracted me to them”, he said. “I’ve been so fortunate to work with these empowered women, and I feel lucky to inspire them and to create clothes that bring their vision into the world.”

About the collection for H&M
“What I can promise is that, of course, there will be fun and colour and cartoons. Of course, we have to have cartoons! Like all my collections, it’s humour meets haute couture meets the street. That’s been a hallmark of my work for Moschino, and I want to continue to explore that with this collection. For fans of the brand, it should feel a little like a greatest hits collection, but I promise it will still be new, still feel fresh, even as we include some winks, some hints from the past”.

The ideal costumer for this collection
“Who do I want to see in the collection? Everybody. I want to see all the cool kids that want to wear my clothes, but can’t afford them. I want to see it in Japan, in South Africa. When I met Trevor Noah, whom I’m a huge fan of, he said, ‘Are you the real Jeremy Scott, with the winged shoes?”’ I was like, ‘Trevor! Don’t do this to me. I love you.’ He told me about how people in South Africa really wanted them. With this collection, we’ll be in South Africa. I want people to go out and dance in the collection, have fun, meet the loves of their lives, feel on top of the world, take a million selfies, and keep them forever. I want people to make memories now and then to find them in 2028 or 2038 and put them on again and be like, ‘Oh, this is so great. It’s so 2018!'”

The collection will be available online and in selected stores worldwide.

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