Happy Thanksgiving 2018! There is something I love about this american celebration: it’s a good day to be grateful for everything we have or lessons we’ve learned during a year.

Thankful for the family

And then I started thinking about my biggest blessings: my family and my friends, yeah, those girls and boys who are there when I need them, also when we talk about each other lives and also when we just laugh and be silly and make plans for future gatherings.

During this year, I was so fortunate to travel with my life partner, my beloved husband, to wonderful places like San Francisco, Miami, Port Aransas, Lake Athens, New Orleans, Seaside, Austin, Houston and other towns where we enjoyed food, sunsets, museums and even a golf course.

And maybe there have been new beginnings, new challenges that have helped me to grow, to learn about my limits, and also to prove to myself that I’m stronger than what I used to think, but also made me realize that my body is fragile and I’m the only one who can take care of it.

I’m grateful for taking yoga classes to become a trainer in the near future, also grateful for getting my Texas Drivers License (I was so nervous thinking that I was gonna fail the driving test!), and for getting patience when things don’t go my way.

Being recently diagnosed with diabetes shook my world, not only because the health condition made me realize that I need to change my health routine (even more), but also because my body has been struggling with the new medication and I need to find out more about my options, and make decisions based in new information.

Overall, I feel blessed to wake up every day next to a loving husband, who is my soulmate and who encourages me to be myself and be confident and who makes me realize that life is about enjoying small moments.

I don’t want to finish this post without acknowledging that I’m grateful for this blog, for the people who read my articles, watch videos I produce and take some time to send me a message or ask me questions. This year I learned so much about blogs, analytics and social media… that I can’t wait to put this knowledge to work.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!