I’m so happy with my training to become a yoga teacher!

Do you think about goals at the beginning of a new year? Do you write them? How often do you think about them? Do you forget about them after a few weeks or months? Today we are gonna talk about goals and accomplishments.

At the beginning of this 2018 I had some goals, but I just wrote one (read about it here). After a few days, I realized that I had many things in my mind to work on and focusing on just one would make my life not as fulfilled so I changed the course and started working hard to accomplish more at the end of the year.

And I have to say that I’m very happy today, december 31st, with my accomplishments:

Missions accomplished

1.Weight loss. Although visiting the nutritionist wasn’t a success (actually, I gained weight instead of losing), my goal of shedding a few pounds became a mission accomplished and it didn’t happened overnight. I read a lot about different food regimens; turns out that intermittent fasting and keto diet worked out great for me and by summer I had lost 15 pounds!

2. Stay in shape. Eating less and better is not everything, therefore losing weight is easier when I work out, sometimes 1 hour, some days 2 hours or more. I feel proud to go to boot camp, yoga, barre pilates, indoor bike and other classes to get muscle tone, and great condition.

Visiting my family in Monterrey was one of the best things during this year.

3. Going back to Monterrey. This is big, guys! I couldn’t go out of the country because my travel authorization was pending, and then when I finally had the permit in my hands, I got to the conclusion that I wanted to go back to my country with my husband, so I waited for the right time and this finally happened during Christmas week. It was an emotional roller coaster!

4. Taking care of my health. After I turned 40, my hormones started to act weird, and this meant that now I have to take care of my mental and physical health more than ever. It’s been hard to stay balanced and focused when my endocrine system is all crazy, but with the help of the doctor, some vitamins and some meds I’m feeling so much better than last year.

5. Starting a training to become yoga instructor. I’ve been doing yoga for almost 20 years and although I wanted to teach this before, I realized the training is not easy or cheap. Finally, during September 2018 the classes began and learning the philosophy, sanskrit, theory and postures made me realize that is more complicated than I thought, but fulfilling at the same time. Becoming a teacher is a work in progress.

6. Updating my blog. Ok, this goal is kind of bittersweet because I wrote 100 posts during 100 days this year, but I had to slow down. Don’t get me wrong: I love blogging! But I also love living my life to the fullest and getting inspiration to write good quality posts. The journey was awesome, I learned many things and lets see what happens during 2019!

What about your goals for this year? Let’s write down what we want to get done next year. This is the perfect time!

Happy 2019!