There is something about the color of the sun that makes it appealing no matter the season and in case you haven’t heard before I’m going to give you a reason to wear yellow all year round.

A few weeks ago I got a amber-ish jumpsuit and every time I wear it for some reason my confidence boosts and a smile shows up, so I checked the psychology of colors and it turns out that this color is all about self-confidence and optimism. Boom!

Now you know what to pick when you want to increase your positivity level. In case you are interested in something similar, here are some links to go shopping online. Remember that this are affiliate links and if you decide to shop, you support more posts from this blog.

Villa Home Collection Maison Accent Pillow. $69.99.

Oversized mustard suit jacket. $94.5

V-neck piece from Asos. $65

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