We planned this summer trip at the beginning of the year, and although initially we were thinking about a trip with a small budget, we ended up saving money on a few things, but spending on the tours, food and the little things that matter as a family.

We picked Aeromexico, with a stop in Mexico City because that was the cheapest way to fly, although now that I think about it, maybe the next time we will fly nonstop because our first flight was delayed, then we couldn’t get on time to the second flight and in the end we spent the whole day between airports and that was not very fun.

Once in Cancun, a shuttle driver was expecting us to take us to the resort located in the Riviera Maya.

The PROS about the The Fives Azul Beach Resort:

  • Great location
  • The beach was almost clean (some sea weed, but nothing out of control)
  • Our room was very spacious, with 3 independent bedrooms and a view to the jungle
  • The several restaurants offered different options, so we were never bored of trying.
  • Beautiful pools
  • Excellent service


  • There was a leak in the room that ruined some of our items, but fortunately, the staff worked on it.
  • Transportation to Playa del Carmen or other places was very expensive. I actually suggest to rent a car to save time and money.

And we rented a car to go to Chichen-Itzá, located 2 hours away and where you can see the ruins of the mayan civilization. A must for any traveler. From there we drove to Las Coloradas, where the water is pink and the sand is white.

Check some of the images:

Bianca enjoyed the white sands

The shrimp tacos were yum!

The view from our hotel


We loved the service!

The road to Chichen-Itza is charming

The small shops are colorful

Taking a sun bath?

Renting a car is the best option to move around.

The rain didn’t ruin the trip to Las Coloradas.

Can you see the pink water? Is not a filter!

We had to pay to a young man to let us get inside the property with pink water.

Isn’t it beautiful?

The food that eat the flamingos in Las Coloradas gives them a more intense pink color.

The drinks were included in our daily fee.

Can we go back any time soon?

Swings for adults! fun!

Couldn’t help it! I practiced some yoga by the beach.

I love this picture!

Not everyday we can witness a beach wedding celebration!

Did I tell you that I celebrated my birthday in Playa del Carmen? It was awesome!

Naty and Bianca were kayaking for a little bit.

We couldn’t take Diego out of the water.

I was surprised by this decoration in our room.

Our flight back was smooth, without delays.