I wore this during my recent trip to Monterrey.

Have you felt that during the quarantine the priorities shifted? In my case, it was weird to think about post ideas when the terrible news were flooding my feed… until recently, when I’ve been going out more. And people has been asking were did I get my face covering, so I thought about making a list of face shields and other options to cover your face during the pandemic.

Sometimes I use affiliate links so if you are interested in a product shown here, and you click on the link that directs you to the store I will get a tiny percentage of the value. But my recommendations are curated by me, so I only choose products that I get or I’d be interested in buying, no one gives me money for this.

Initially, I got this visor / face shield to go for my morning runs and a lot of people has been asking where did I get it. Easy: Amazon, $27.99 … The quality is great and you can lift up the visor or pull it down, this way you won’t need sunglasses while going outside because it has UV protection.

Of course, my husband made fun of my mirror cover… so if you want different look, check this other option, for $19.87

What about a hat with shield included? I actually saw people at the airport wearing this hat in different colors and prints. Also at Amazon, $16.98

For kids and girls, what about this bucket hat with face shield attached? Only $12.90

I was very close to buy this visor, too. The plastic protection is iridiscent. $18.78